Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is personal for us. We know the difference between right and wrong and have based our entire careers on reminding others of that distinction.

Do you charge for a consultation?

Our initial consultations always have, and will always be, free. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your potential case, the legal procedure and we will answer all of your questions.

Are there any out-of-pocket fees?

Throughout your case you are not expected to pay any fees out of pocket (unless a different agreement is entered into).   Since we work on contingency, you only pay a fee if we win your case.

What will this cost?

Upon obtaining a successful verdict or settlement, our legal fee is calculated as a percentage of the money obtained.  Any costs associated with your case (for example, filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition costs, and other associated costs) will also be paid out of the monetary recovery.

Will an attorney work on my case?

Miracle Mile Law Group takes a comprehensive approach in every case we take on.  You, as the client, will always be informed on the progress of your case. That said, you will be tasked with cooperating with us to get you the maximum compensation possible. Your case will never be handled by just one person or attorney. You will work with our partners, associates, and trained staff to win your case

How long will my case take?

The length of a case depends on multiple variables, so it is impossible to say exactly how long a case may take.  Some cases take two months to resolve while others can take years.

How much is my case worth?

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