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Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. You should not hire a lawyer based upon information listed on a website, such as testimonials or other content. Every case is different and past success does not guarantee future success on any particular case.

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Miracle Mile Law Group, LLP generally represents plaintiffs on a contingent basis and generally advances the court costs and expenses of the litigation. The firm generally obtains its fees and reimbursement of costs and expenses from any recovery. If a client does not recover in a case, Miracle Mile Law Group, LLP does not hold the client responsible for any fees and generally does not hold the client responsible for any costs or expenses. However, every client’s situation is governed by its own representation agreement which may vary from these general rules.

Practice of Law

Miracle Mile Law Group, LLP’s attorneys are admitted to practice in California, as well as some courts in other jurisdictions. The firm’s attorneys have also been admitted pro hac vice in various other courts for the purposes of appearing in court for a particular case.Where necessary, Miracle Mile Law Group, LLP operates with the assistance of local counsel in jurisdictions outside California.

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