How Much Do I Have to Pay A Sexual Harassment Attorney

How much Do I Have To Pay a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Before starting Miracle Mile Law Group, Justin Hanassab worked at a large employment law firm representing big corporations. After defending the larger forces in society, Justin felt it was the right time to defend the disadvantaged. Justin and the lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group zealously represent individuals suffering from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Miracle Mile Law Group also represents victims of age discriminationrace discriminationdisability discrimination, among others.

You Don’t Pay A Penny for a Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Employers often take advantage of lower level employees because they think they will not be able to afford a lawyer. However, courts understand this particular unfair advantage. Therefore, they allow attorneys to work on what is called a “contingent fee.” When a lawyer works on a contingent fee, it means that he or she will charge you nothing until after a settlement or verdict is obtained. The lawyer will receive a portion of the settlement or verdict.

However, the lawyer who takes on a case on a contingent fee usually puts up the costs associated with the case. For example, this includes filing fees, deposition costs, litigation costs, etc. Further, the lawyer will usually be reimbursed for those costs from the money that comes from settlement or verdict. A lawyer working on a contingent basis must set out all of the terms of the agreement in writing. The lawyer must also give you a copy of the retainer.

Here at Miracle Mile Law Group, we do not give you the run around like most other law firms in California. Our lawyers are honest and candid. Often times, we will tell you the strengths of your case AND the weaknesses. If we take you on as a client, that means we are confident we can procure a favorable outcome.

You May Be Entitled to Monetary Compensation

Most victims of workplace sexual harassment are usually not in a position to pay an attorney. In fact, most victims of sexual harassment that complain or report the behavior are usually subject to some kind of additional adverse employment action. This means that they either get demoted or fired, leaving them without a job or any other forms of income.

This helps explain why the bosses or supervisors who engage in sexual harassment think they can get away with such egregious behavior.

We Don’t Charge A Single Penny Unless We Win

One of the greatest pleasures of my life is representing people who have been victimized by employers who think they can get away with anything. Victims of sexual harassment are often in the most vulnerable situations. When I sit and listen to stories of people who have been groped, harassed, and/or tormented by supervisors, it moves me. In fact, most employment law cases are an uphill battle. Employers deny everything, as most evidence is hearsay (“he said, she said”). But here at Miracle Mile Law Group, we live for the opportunity to represent the underdog.

I do not charge a single penny unless I am able to recover a favorable outcome, either by settlement or by verdict. Accordingly, I put up all the costs associated with a case. These costs are reimbursed ONLY when the case settles, or we win through trial or mediation.

Talk to a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment lawyer today. We offer free consultations and you pay nothing unless we win.

The lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group are trained in handling sexual harassment lawsuits. If you believe you have been, or currently are, a victim of sexual harassment, contact our attorneys at Miracle Mile Law Group. Having a lawyer by your side when trying to prove that you have been sexually harassed is essential. We know what to look for when going up against your employer. These cases are very time sensitive so give us a call at (888) 244-0706 or contact us online for a FREE case evaluation. Remember, we do not take a single dollar unless WE WIN!