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There are numerous State and Federal laws that protect employees from unfair treatment and wrongful dismissals. The Fresno wrongful termination attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group is versed in the plethora of laws that protect hard-working employees from unlawful termination. You may be entitled to compensation if the motivation of your termination was based on:

At Miracle Mile Law Group we fight for employee workplace protections. We exclusively represent employees who work in the city of Fresno who have been unfairly treated by their employers. Our attorney work to obtain just compensation for lost wages and other emotional damages caused by a wrongful termination. If you are facing a hostile work environment, speak to a Fresno wrongful termination attorney today to learn about your rights.

A mistaken belief for most employees is that he or she won’t be able to file a lawsuit because of the at-will provisions that govern the employment relationship. While at-will employment relationships can limit employee rights, you cannot be fired for an illegal reason.

When Should I Hire A Fresno Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

There are many instances that should ring the alarm to call a Fresno wrongful termination lawyer. However, some come hypotheticals include:

  • You were fired because he/she refused to violate a law, statute, or other regulation. This includes refusing to do something illegal.
  • You werediscriminatedbecause of age, race, national origin, gender, disability, religion, pregnancy, other illegal reasons
  • You were retaliated against for reporting or complaining about sexual harassment, discrimination, or rest and meal break laws.
  • You were retaliated against for complaining about or “whistle-blowing” on violations of the law, including violations of workplace safety regulations or wage-and-hour violations
  • You were fired for taking Family or Medical Leave

How Do I Sue for Wrongful Termination?

Before you are able to file a civil lawsuit against a Fresno employer for wrongful termination, you must first file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Also, there is a statute of limitations—in other words there is a deadline for you to bring your wrongful termination lawsuit. To find out if your claim is barred by a statute of limitations, please contact us.

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated based on discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, you have 180 days from the last discriminatory act to obtain a right-to-sue letter from the EEOC. This would give you another 90 days to file your lawsuit starting from the date you received your right-to-sue letter.

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The lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group are trained in handling Fresno wrongful termination lawsuits. Having a lawyer by your side when trying to prove your case is essential. The lawyers here at Miracle Mile Law Group are trained at identifying what to look for when going up against Fresno. These cases are very time sensitive so give us a call at (888) 244-0706 or contact us online for a FREE case evaluation. Remember, we do not take a single dollar unless WE WIN!


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