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The Sacramento Age Discrimination Attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group are zealous in the pursuit of workplace fairness and justice. If you feel like you have been subjected to unwanted harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination based on your age, then you may be entitled to compensation for your lost income and emotional distress caused by your employer.

Employers rarely explicitly inform employees that the reason for their behavior is due to the employees’ age. Often times, greedy employers will disguise their discrimination under the guise of mass layoffs or other subtle behavior. Our employment attorney specializes in discovering that the real reason for the adverse action you faced was due to your age.

What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination occurs when you are treated less favorably than other employees due to your age. Under both federal and California law, you must be over the age of 40 years old to make a claim for age discrimination. Under federal law, the employers must have at least 15 employees to be held accountable. On the other hand, California only requires that the employers have 5 employees to apply.

Individuals over the age of 40 are considered to be a protected class. Therefore, employers cannot take adverse employment actions against them due to their age. Adverse employment actions include:

  • Failing to hire the employee because of his or her age
  • Terminating an employee because of his or her age
  • Making harassing comments or unwanted remarks due to age
  • Demoting an employee’s pay or job title because of his or her age
  • Excluding an employee from important meeting or training opportunities because of his or her age

Age discrimination laws in the are up for interpretation. That is why contacting an employment attorney can help you navigate the difficult state and federal laws. The Sacramento Age Discrimination Attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group will listen to your story and provide advice to tackle ageism in the workplace.

How Much Do I Have to Pay A Sacramento Age Discrimination Attorney?

Miracle Mile Law Group will uphold your rights in the workplace with regards to age discrimination.  We fight for employees in both the public and private sectors who are targeted due to age. Our attorneys will make sure employers provide a workplace free of age discrimination and will punish them for failing to do so.

Our attorneys are retained a contingency basis—this means we only charge a fee if and when we obtain a favorable result. After securing a settlement or verdict at trial, our lawyers will take a percentage of the compensation we receive for you. Contingent fees allow employees who are discriminated against—individuals who are often at a disadvantage against large corporations—the opportunity to defend their workplace rights.

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