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Miracle Mile Law Group is a leading Pasadena employment law firm that serves the entire state of California. Our Pasadena employment attorney brings an abundance of legal expertise so that you have the highest chance at maximum recovery. Employment laws are constantly changing every year—that is why our lawyers are effective in handling cases involving discrimination based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. We also handle various sexual harassment cases and whistleblower retaliation situations.

Our Pasadena employment attorney handles each and every case with care and candor. Your rights as an employee are important to us. Therefore, we treat every client as if they are family.

What Type Of Cases Do We Take?

We take cases on what is known as a contingent basis. We do not get paid until and unless we receive a settlement or jury verdict in your favor. We also offer free consultations by one of our skilled and experienced attorneys. After we listen to your story, our Pasadena employment attorney will go over your case to determine whether we can represent you.

  • Sexual Harassment– unasked for touching, remarks, or other rude conduct?
  • Gender Discrimination– were you treated differently because of your gender?
  • Hostile Work Environment– are you being treated unfairly and/or harassed because of a protected characteristic.
  • Retaliation– did you get terminated because you reported/protested instances of discrimination or sexual harassment?
  • Whistleblower– did you complain about something illegal, unsafe, or hazardous?
  • Wrongful Termination– do you feel like your firing was prejudicial or unfair?
  • Wage & Overtime– did your boss fail to pay you your hard-earned money?
  • Leave of Absence– did your supervisor fail to give you time off through the Family Medical & Leave Act and/or the California Family Rights Act?
  • Disability Discrimination– were you denied reasonable accommodations? Were you fired while on leave for a disability?
  • Age Discrimination– were you treated less favorably because you are over the age of 40?
  • Pregnancy Discrimination– were you denied reasonable accommodations to tend to your pregnancy? Were you fired because you’re pregnant?
  • Race Discrimination– unfortunately, this is still a problem in California.
  • Religious Discrimination– were you rejected reasonable accommodations to practice your religion?

How Our Pasadena Employment Attorney Can Help

Once you contact us, we will begin helping you immediately. If you are still employed, we can write a letter to your employer notifying them of the wrongful behavior they have committed. If you have been terminated, we will request that your employer preserve all evidence of your employment and we will retrieve your personnel file for review.

We will guide you through the legal process and gather up all evidence to construct a strong case. You have rights as an employee under state and federal law, and it is our job to uphold those rights for you.

Our Pasadena employment attorney represents employees not just in this city, but all throughout California. We offer proactive legal representation to hold your employer accountable for wrongful behavior.

Miracle Mile Law Group Will Fight To Protect Your Workplace Rights

The Pasadena employment attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group will fight rigorously to provide high quality representation combined with personal attention and responsiveness. At Miracle Mile Law Group, we make sure to understand your story and are determined to tell it with conviction. If you feel like you were treated unfairly at work, give us a call at (888) 244-0706 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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