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Whistleblowers are people who expose unsafe, unethical, or otherwise illegal behavior within a company. The information they expose can include fraud, corruption, safety violations, or any other violation of law. The California legislature has recognized the important need to protect those who “blow the whistle” on their employers, as these individuals often place their reputation on the line to protect the general public. Therefore, it is essential to contact a Pasadena whistleblower attorney who understands the complex laws regarding whistleblower protections.

Whistleblower Statistics

It may seem obvious that whistleblowers should be applauded rather than vilified. But the statistics regarding whistleblowers truly shows the severity of the issue.

  • Over 40% of Americans have reported that they observed some form of illegal wrongdoing at work
  • About 65% of people who observe fraudulent or illegal behavior at work actually decide to report it
  • Of the 65% who report the illegal behavior, 22% of those people suffer retaliation due to speaking up.
  • 33% of whistleblowers who report illegal behavior are wrongfully terminated by their employers.
  • Not all employees who observe illegal misconduct decide to report it. In fact, over 46% of people who decide not to report the misconduct chose to stay silent out of fear of retaliation.

How A Pasadena Whistleblower Attorney Can Help You Recover Damages

In a whistleblower lawsuit, you are entitled to various forms of damages. The form of damages you can potentially receive depends on the law you sue under

False Claims Act: the False Claims Act allows individuals to sue on behalf of the federal government. In this type of lawsuit, the whistleblower would be entitled to 15 to 30 percent of the total amount the government recovers

California Labor Code Section 1102.5: under 1102.5, whistleblowers are entitled to various forms of damages including front pay, back pay, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA): FEHA prohibits discrimination against employees who make a complaint of illegal behavior in the workplace. Under FEHA, you are entitled to various forms of civil damages and penalties

Labor Code Section 98.6 this section makes it illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who report wage, hour, or any other violation of the California labor code

Labor Code Section 6310 & 6311:this exact statute protects people who report safety violations

Labor Code 6399.7 prohibits retaliation against employees for filing a report with OSHA

Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5: this particular statute protects health care professionals from blowing the whistle regarding safety and health violations

Government Code Sections 8547-8547.12: this particular statute protects state employees who expose violations of safety laws

The biggest factor that will affect the success of your whistleblower case is the law firm you choose to represent your interests and to litigate your case against defendant who likely has the upper hand. Our Pasadena whistleblower attorney has the experience and track record to successfully win your case.

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