When Should I Hire a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

When Should I Hire A Wrongful Termination Lawyer? A Guide

Being fired from a job is never simple, and if you’re termination seems suspicious, chances are you have been wrongfully terminated. Nonetheless, there are legal rights that will protect you in the event that your termination violated a public policy. In California termination must conform to public policies laid out in particular statutes, regulations, and provisions. If an employer violates any of these statutes you may have a claim for wrongful termination. Our lawyers will help you answer the question: when should I hire a wrongful termination lawyer? For example, it is illegal for an employer in California to fire a worker because of:

Some samples of termination in California that could entitle recovery include:

  • An LGBT employee is fired for bringing their same sex partner to a business event,
  • A pregnant girl is let go since the company does want to give her maternity leave,
  • A Muslim employee is chased for wearing religious apparel on the job,
  • A worker who reported an illegal procedure, such as tax evasion or dangerous work conditions is terminated as retaliation.

There are various situations that can be classified as wrongful termination. However, you are probably asking yourself what you should do if you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated. One of these questions include: should I hire an employment attorney?

Starting a wrongful termination lawsuit may look frightening at first glance. If you feel that have been treated unfairly by your employer, then it is important to speak with an experienced employment lawyer to understand if you are able to pursue a case.

The skilled employment lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group have represented multiple California employees in wrongful termination suits. Our lawyers have earned substantial sums in monetary prizes and settlements for wrongful termination claims on behalf of California workers. To get started on a wrongful termination lawsuit, contact us.

Wrongful termination should never be something a hard-working individual must have to face, and we’ve dedicated our career to helping those that have been unfairly treated at work.

Why You Should Hire An Employment Lawyer

First things first, finding the right attorney to handle your employment case is the first step in securing a favorable outcome. Do not contract with the lawyer who handled your personal injury case to do you wrongful termination, harassment, or retaliation case. In fact, employment law is not even covered on the multi-state bar exam, meaning that most lawyers are not versed in the area.

Making sure you hire a law firm that ONLY focuses on employment ensures that you are working with competent lawyers. Here at Miracle Mile Law Group we ONLY practice employment law. The reason for that is quite simple—employment laws are complex, convoluted, and intricate. It takes years to master the laws needed to prosecute an employment case. Furthermore, employment laws change every year as the legislature is always adding new laws and restrictions upon employers.

Secondly, at Miracle Mile Law Group we do not charge a single penny. Most employment lawyers’ mouth water when a new client comes in as they see it as a chance to rack up fees. Not us. Our lawyers work completely on contingency, meaning we do not charge anything until we receive money for you through settlement, mediation, or verdict.

Lastly, at Miracle Mile Law Group we have a track record of success against greedy companies who take advantage of employees by discriminating against them, wrongfully terminating them, or retaliating against them. We strive in situations where the big guy is taking advantage of the little guy.

How To Prepare Yourself When Meeting With An Employment Lawyer

The most important thing to understand when meeting with an employment lawyer is to BE PREPARED and tell the truth. Lie to your mother, lie to your priest, but never lie to your lawyer. Here’s a list of actions you can take to help with your employment case when meeting with your employment lawyer:

  • Bring copies of all the documents related to your employment: this includes termination notices, employee handbooks, contracts, performance evaluations, doctor’s notes, emails between you and your boss/coworkers/customers, etc…
  • Be prepared to tell the whole story: nobody understands the facts of the case better than the person who was victimized. Tell your lawyer everything, even if it does not help your case. It is better to know the weaknesses at the beginning so your lawyer can downplay them and shine on the facts that strengthen your claim for relief.
  • Bring a chronology of events:come prepared with a list of events and date them. It is easier for your employment lawyer to creative a narrative about your case when the facts are clearly lined up in the order that they happened.
  • Be on time: your attorney wants to fully help you, but the process is complicated when he or she can’t because you are late
  • Don’t bring unexpected guests:confidentiality is key.

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