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The rights of workers in California are protected by numerous federal and state laws. In some cases, employees may have additional rights due to the employment contracts they sign with their employers. When disputes arise, you can seek legal remedies with the assistance of experienced Los Angeles employment attorneys at Miracle Mile Law.

Federal and California laws concerning employee rights and violations of such rights are complex. Navigating through complicated legal options and using one or a combination of them to defend your rights and to get you justice requires significant legal expertise.  So, when you are wrongfully terminated, forced to quit, mistreated, and discriminated against at work, or denied correct wages, family & medical leaves, etc., consider seeking expert legal counsel from a LA lawyer specializing in employment laws.

Our employment lawyers in Los Angeles make sure that you are treated in a fair & consistent manner as an employee and that your employer is in compliance with federal, state, and local laws applicable to workplaces. Our lawyers know how to use the legal system to your advantage.


Our Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

For most workers, employment disputes aren’t easy to deal with. They are individuals who depend on their jobs for their livelihoods. Employers in most cases are big businesses or corporations having unlimited resources at their disposal.

So, workers who have been wronged should always seek the assistance of a dependable legal team. They need someone who specializes in this field, can stand by their side, and take an employment lawsuit to its logical end. This is exactly what we do at Miracle Mile Law. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys have assisted many workers to recover from the impact of employee rights violations and get them the justice they deserved.

Our law firm handles all cases on a contingency basis – meaning, you don’t pay any fees unless you win the case and recover some compensation.

Different types of employment law cases miracle mile law attorneys handle in Los Angeles include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment and assault claims
  • Discrimination against job applicants and current/past employees
  • Wage & hour issues, including unpaid overtime
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) violations
  • FMLA violations
  • Failure to pay commissions and fair wages
  • Denial of medical & retirement benefits
  • Equal pay act violation
  • Unlawful retaliation

If you are looking for a strong and dedicated lawyer on your side fighting for your employee rights and looking out for your best interests, contact Miracle Mile Law today and schedule a free case review with our Los Angeles employment attorneys.

We have the resources, experience, and expertise to represent you and defend your rights. Our team is here to help you guide through –

  • Numerous federal & state legal procedures
  • Claim filing
  • Lawsuit filing
Los Angeles Employment Attorneys

Wrongful Termination of Los Angeles Employees

California is an at-will state. So, Los Angeles workers who haven’t entered into a written employment contract can be fired from their jobs for nearly any reason. But, there are exceptions to at-will employment. Workers cannot be fired for reasons that violate a federal or California law. Even in the case of employment contracts, employers cannot breach the terms of the contract.

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys provide legal assistance to workers who have been fired due to potentially unlawful reasons such as:

  • The employer fires you in violation of an implied or written contract
  • Firing an employee in violation of a public policy
  • A termination is a form of retaliation for asserting their rights by filing a whistleblower claim, reporting sexual harassment, etc.
  • Termination in violation of the California WARN Act
  • Termination based on the failure to offer reasonable accommodations to an employee with a disability
  • Termination of an employee for activities/incidents outside of work
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Employment Wage and Hour Claims in Los Angeles

All employers in Los Angeles must abide by the California wage and hour law that mandates minimum standards for minimum wages, hours & overtime, and rest breaks. Often, employers try to misclassify non-exempt workers as exempt to (illegally) get around wage & hour obligations.

In case you have been subjected to wage/hour violations by your employer, our Los Angeles employment lawyers can help you file a claim. Depending upon the merits of the case, we will do our best to get you compensated for the unpaid wages as well as unpaid overtime that you are entitled to.

Fight Workplace Harassment in Los Angeles with Employment Lawyers

As a worker in Los Angeles, you are protected against workplace harassment by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). While most workers have heard about quid pro quo sexual harassment, the California law also protects you from a hostile work environment or HWE harassment. This may not necessarily include sexual harassment.

If you have been harassed at your LA job due to your age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or disability, Los Angeles employment attorneys at Miracle Mile Law can advise you on the best course of action.

In most cases involving workplace harassment, a complaint is first filed with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Next, you can file a lawsuit against the harasser (or your employer).

Our Los Angeles employment attorneys specializing in workplace harassment cases help file claims in both the EEOC and the DFEH. Thereon, we can help you file a case in the court of law once you receive a right-to-sue notice from the DFEH.

Employment Discrimination in Los Angeles

Workplace discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics under the federal and California law, including race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, medical condition, religion, nationality, etc. is illegal.

While workplace harassment often involves abusive conduct outside of your daily job description, discrimination normally concerns your employment status. Discriminatory acts in the workplace can involve hiring, firing, promotions, working conditions, etc.

At Miracle Mile Law, our Los Angeles employment lawyers can help you navigate the complex process of filing a workplace discrimination complaint with the DFEH. Should the case permit, our attorneys will also help you bring a discrimination lawsuit against the employer.

Rest assured, the California law does not permit Los Angeles workers to retaliate against workers for filing discrimination or harassment claims.

Can You Sue Your Employer in LA and Continue Working?

Yes. Most employers do not make the mistake of unlawful retaliation in such cases. But, it is advisable to consult an experienced Los Angeles employment attorney before you sue your employer.

Yes, employers should try to exhaust all available options before they decide to file a lawsuit with the help of a seasoned lawyer. These options may include filing a written complaint with the Human Resources Department of the company and filing a claim with the DFEH or EEOC.

When you have reasons to believe that your employee rights have been violated, start collecting evidence of harassment, discrimination, or any other employment law violation. Evidence may comprise memos, messages, emails, dates, details of incidents, and information about the potential witnesses.

How Long Do You Have to Sue Your Employer in Los Angeles?

It depends upon the type of employment claim. Depending upon the case, there may be some exceptions as well. 3

The statutes of limitations to sue typically indicate that –

  • Employment claims concerning workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation can be filed within one year after you receive the ‘right to sue’ notice from the EEOC or DFEH.
  • Employment claims concerning breach of oral (employment) contract can be pursued within a period of two years after the breach
  • Employment claims arising out of an employer’s failure to pay wages can be pursued within a period of up to three years after the non-payment of wages
  • Claims concerning breach of written employment contract can be pursued within four years after the violation

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