Emma Leal

Office Manager

California Employment Attorney


About Emma Leal

Emma Leal has her bachelor’s in Political Science and has interned for Senator Dianne Feinstein where she learned to value the power of listening and creating a powerful connection with people. At Miracle Mile Law group, Ms. Leal is an intake specialist, where she spends most of her time making sure people get the proper care as she carefully helps move their rights forward. She loves what she does as it involves helping people pursue their rights. From listening to constituents voice their political concerns to listening in on people express the hardships they have experienced at their employment. Ms. Leal has had a wide range of experience working in the political sector as well as being a civil servant to her community in the state of California. As a native Californian she is fueled by yoga and craft coffee and is currently working on becoming an attorney for the people one day.

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