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UCLA is one of the largest employers in Los Angeles, with over 60,000 employees working around the clock to make sure the campus is running smoothly. However, UCLA is a breeding ground for discriminatory behavior by supervisors and management due to its large size. In fact, an environment scientist working for UCLA was awarded about $140,000 in a wrongful termination lawsuit in 2015, with a provision that rescinded his termination. If you feel as though your firing from UCLA was suspicious or without merit. Contact the UCLA wrongful termination attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group to seek legal assistance in your claims. Our lawyers work on a 100% no fee guarantee, meaning nothing ever comes out of your pocket.

Miracle Mile Law Group is a law firm dedicated to defending employee rights. Our UCLA discrimination lawyers work around the clock to make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to.

When does a termination become illegal under the eyes of the law?

If you are looking for a UCLA wrongful termination attorney, the likelihood of winning if you choose to fight the conglomerate on your own are extremely slim. Nonetheless, you are probably asking yourself, when is a termination considered illegal?

California enacted the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) in the 50s to provide protection for employees who are discriminated based on a protected activity or characteristic. Similarly, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also provides protection. However, federal law is generally not as favorable to employees as state law. Nonetheless, some common reasons for termination are separated into two categories, protected characteristics or protected activities.

What are protected activities that I cannot be fired for?

Protected activities are actions you take at work that cannot form the basis for your termination. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in an investigation against the workplace where discrimination is alleged
  • Reporting discrimination in the workplace
  • Having a covered disability
  • Taking protected family leave through FMLA or CFRA to tend to a family member’s medical condition
  • Taking maternity leave for a pregnancy
  • Going on sick leave
  • Reporting a safety violation
  • Reporting something illegal, unsafe, or hazardous
  • Reporting fraud
  • Requesting accommodations or your disability or for your religion

What are protected characteristics that I cannot be terminated for?

Our UCLA wrongful termination attorney can also hold the organization liable for discrimination based on protected personal characteristics. Some common characteristics you cannot be terminated for include:

  • Race and color
  • Medical condition
  • Genetic information
  • Marital status
  • Ancestry and national origin
  • Religion
  • Age (you must be over 40 for this characteristic to apply)
  • Disability (this includes both mental and physical disability that substantially impair a major life activity)
  • Sex and gender (pregnancy is considered part of your sex/gender)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity and expression (LGTBQ)
  • Military status (and veteran status)

How can I be compensated for my damages?

Suing UCLA for wrongful termination or any other employer for that matter, entitles you to several forms of compensation. Every case is different. In general, the following forms of compensation are available in a wrongful termination lawsuit:

  • Lost wages: this entitles you to wages you should have received if not for the termination.
  • Lost benefits: entitlement for the benefits lost due to the termination. This includes lost commissions, lost health insurance for you and your loved ones, lost 401k benefits, and more.
  • Emotional distress: compensation for the mental anguish and pain and suffering caused by the wrongful termination.
  • Punitive damages: this form of damages seeks to punish your employer and deter other employers from doing the same.
  • Legal fees: FEHA is embedded with a provision that allows you to recover our attorney’s fees if you are successful at trial

Why Hire A UCLA Wrongful Termination Attorney

Miracle Mile Law Group only represents employees and other workers in their claims against their employers. We are advocates for equality, and our passion for fighting discrimination is unmatched.

The UCLA wrongful termination attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group will help you win your employment lawsuit. We do this in several ways. For example, we will:

  • Putting together your file and conducting a detailed investigation
  • Talking to witnesses
  • Drafting your complaint in a neat and effective way
  • Take your case tp trial if your employer refuses to settle

Employers in Los Angeles, such as UCLA, often violate employment laws unbeknownst to the employee. This includes wrongful termination, unlawful employment practices, sexual harassment, and other unfortunate instances. Usually, the first step you must take is to file the violation with the appropriate organization, such as the EEOCDFEH, or a or even to your supervisor.

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