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Discrimination is an unfortunate part of our society. Large companies seamlessly terminate their employees, often for illegal reasons. However, one company in particular that has seen accusations of wrongful termination is Live Nation. Live Nation wrongful termination attorneys are standing by to hear your story and to determine whether you have a case that is worth pursuing. If you feel like your rights have been violated, contact Miracle Mile Law Group for more information. Our team of Live Nation discrimination attorneys will help you navigate the often times complex wrongful termination laws.

When is my employer’s conduct considered unlawful discrimination and wrongful termination?

In California, the employment relationship is generally considered “at will.” This means that an employer can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all. However, an employer CANNOT terminate you for any reason they want. Make sure to have a Live Nation wrongful termination attorney by your side to assist you in proving that your termination was illegal.

Remember that every individual is protected in a particular way through anti-discrimination statutes. It is common for people to believe, for example, that only women can bring sex discrimination claims. A man could bring the claim also if he was treated differently because he is a man. If you feel that you were terminated due to your disability because your restrictions have not been honored, then you likely have a lawsuit for wrongful termination based on disability discrimination.

How do companies like Live Nation become liable for discrimination?

Discrimination is not based on a single factor as it can come in many different forms. Sometimes the discrimination is overt but other times the discrimination can be subtle. However, the common forms discrimination can occur include:

  • Sexual Harassment– being treated because you suffered unwarranted for touching, remarks, or other inappropriate conduct
  • Gender Discrimination– you were treated less favorably because a woman.
  • Hostile Work Environment– you are being subjected to an intolerable working condition
  • Retaliation– you were terminated because you complained about discrimination, sexual harassment, or something else that was unlawful behavior.
  • Whistleblower–you reported illegal, unsafe, or hazardous behavior and were subsequently terminated or retaliated
  • Wrongful Termination– you suffered unfair or prejudicial termination
  • Leave of Absence– you were retaliated against for taking time off under the Family Medical & Leave Act and/or the California Family Rights Act?
  • Disability Discrimination– were you denied reasonable accommodations? Were you fired while on leave for a disability?
  • Age Discrimination–you were treated differently because you are over the age of 40?
  • Pregnancy Discrimination– you were treated differently because you were pregnant
  • Race Discrimination– your race played a factor in you being treated differently
  • Religious Discrimination– you religion was a focal point in conditions of employment.

How our Live Nation wrongful termination attorneys can help

Suffering from wrongful termination at the hands of Live Nation can turn your life upside down. However, there are proactive steps you can take to secure your rights with the help of an attorney. As soon as you take notice of discrimination, which usually happens during employment, you should:

  • Start documenting every instance of discrimination or anytime you feel like you were treated differently.
  • Take pictures of anything discriminatory
  • Copy all emails by taking screenshots
  • Take the testimony of your coworkers who often times become your friendly witnesses
  • Ask for your employee handbook
  • Gather your medic al records to prove your emotional distress

After gathering these items up, contact a Live Nation wrongful termination lawyer who has experience in these types of cases. These cases are time sensitive, so it is important to act fast.

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