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Los Angeles Retaliation Lawyer

Retaliation occurs when your boss treats you less favorably than other employees because of some action you took. Your employer may not retaliate against you for making a protected complaint or report. A a few examples of “protected activity” of which your employer cannot retaliate against you include:

  • Because you reported instances of illegal conduct to OSHA, human resources, law enforcement, or other government authorities.
  • Because you reported instances of sexual harassment. This stands true if you were harassed or if you reported that another co-worker being harassed.
  • Because you were discriminated based on your age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, color, religion, or your pregnancy
  • Because you refused to partake in illegal activities

Retaliation comes in many different forms and it could happen in a multitude of ways, sometimes even simultaneously. Over time there has been a trend of common examples of retaliatory measures by an employer. These actions include:

  • Demoting you in pay, position, or job type
  • “Coincidentally” subjecting you to new oversight, usually in the form of micromanaging
  • Denying you training opportunities
  • Denying you pay
  • Denying you the opportunity to effectively carry out your job
  • Passing you over repeatedly for promotions
  • Giving you negative performance reviews
  • Poor evaluations
  • Subjecting you to poor working conditions (for example, making you clean feces when it was not part of your job description)
  • Denying you the opportunity to join in on important business meeting

Common Industries Where Workplace Retaliation Occurs

Retaliation does not occur in one industry alone; however, certain trends show that some industries are more heavily affected than others. For example, male-dominated sectors such as construction, and other areas where women are not generally accepted, retaliation seems to be the highest. Also, in service-based industries, where tips and reviews are extremely important, retaliation seems to be ever-so-present as employers are eager to meet their customer’s demands. Lastly, in industries where women have low bargaining power, such as maids, retaliation is high. The trend seems to correlate with the fact that in areas of the economy where women and other lower-collar workers are isolated, retaliation is at its worst.

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