Los Angeles Department of Health Services Wrongful Termination

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Top Los Angeles Department of Health Services Wrongful Termination Attorney

Our Los Angeles Department of Health Services Wrongful Termination attorneys have seen it all and are ready to fight on your behalf. Under Federal and State laws, there are protections in place which protect employees from wrongful termination and discrimination

Although employment in Los Angeles is at-will, you cannot be terminated for any reason. That is why, with the assistance of a lawyer, you can sue the Department of Health Services for damages based upon wrongful termination.

What are Reasons the Department of Health Services Cannot Fire Me?

The Department of Health Services cannot fire you for any reasons. Common illegal reasons include:

  • Racial discrimination: Our attorneys have seen many instances of hatred, bigotry, and retaliation in the workplace.
  • Breach of contract: if you have a contract with the Los Angeles Department of Health Services that states you can only be fired for cause, and you are subsequently fired, you may have a wrongful termination case on your hands.
  • Disability discrimination: If you are disabled, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations. The Los Angeles Department of Health Services may fail to provide these accommodations, which is illegal. Our lawyers will fight on your behalf.
  • Age discrimination:  The Los Angeles Department of Health Services may not Wrongfully Terminate you based on your age. This applies if you are over 40.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: Pregnancy may be considered a disability under the California statutes. You are entitled to reasonable accommodations for your pregnancy, with up to 3 months of leave. The Los Angeles Department of Health Services may find your pregnancy to be a burden and fire you for it. This is illegal.
  • Retaliation: Retaliation occurs when your employer subjects you to negative action because of some protected action. For example, if you were sexually harassed, you may have hired a sexual harassment lawyer to deal with the harasser. You cant be terminated for speaking up.

What should I do if I was a victim of Los Angeles Department of Health Services wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination cases can be hard to prove. But there are proactive steps you can take to protect your rights. This includes:

  • Gathering and preserving emails, text messages, memos, and any other correspondence with HR
  • Getting Ttestimony from witnesses
  • Finding other mistreated witness’ testimony
  • Gathering supporting evidence, such as photos or surveillance
  • Finding out company policies
  • Gathering Employment agreements

What is also crucial is that you call a California wrongful termination attorney that fights for Los Angeles Department of Health Services employees. You should never try to fight the government by yourself.

How much is my wrongful termination lawsuit worth?

Wrongful termination cases can vary in the amount of compensation available. The types of damages you can recover include:

  •  Lost wages you lost but for the wrongful termination, including past benefits, past commissions, future wages, and more
  • Job reinstatement (not common)
  • Emotional distress damages including anxiety, fear, mental anguish, suffering, and more because of the wrongful termination.,
  • Punitive damages to punish the employer

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