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Motorcycles are invigorating and instill a sense of joy in those that ride them. However, due to the carelessness of other drivers on the road, Motorcycle Accidents tend to be associated with the most devastating injuries as riders are so exposed.  The lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group are trained in handling motorcycle accident cases. Our attorneys will fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation you deserve. 

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get into Accidents? 

According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006 the rate for motorcycle fatalities was about 72 for every 100,000 registered vehicles. This is much higher than the rate of car fatalities which is about 13 for every 100,000 registered vehicles. In effect, if you ride a motorcycle you are over 35 times more likely to die on a motorcycle than a car. 

 What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Injuries? 

Head and Brain Injuries: head and brain injuries can lead to a condition known as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A TBI can lead to something known as a Hemorrhage or Hematoma, which in laymen’s terms means brain bleeding. Brain bleeding is an extremely serious injury as the injured person may have trouble breathing, speaking, hearing, and even remembering things. TBI victims often need to support for the rest of their lives as their debilitating condition leaves them unable to to care for themselves.  

Road Rash: when a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, the result is that rider may slip on the concrete floor. In other words, a road rash is a result of multiple layers of skin getting peeled off, exposing the under layers of the dermis. Road rash is extremely painful and takes months to heal and leaves scars that last a lifetime.  

Biker’s Armoften times, biker’s that are involved in accidents land on their arm. What happens next is a complete paralysis of the injured arm, leaving the rider unable to move his or her arm.  

Lacerations: lacerations, also known as deep cuts, can be extremely painful and require stitches to effectively heal. Further, lacerations can cause permanent scarring which follows the rider for the rest of their life.  

What are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

  • Blind Side: motorcycles are inherently much harder to spot on the road due to their size. Therefore, motorcycles are often in car’s blind spots leading to major accidents when other vehicles attempt to change lanes.
  • Rear End: a rear-end accident involving two vehicles can be devastating in and of itself. However, when a Motorcycle is rear-ended the damages are almost automatically heightened due to basic physics. The force of a car colliding to the rear of a motorcycle inflicts great injury to the rider of the motorcycle.  
  • Side Swipe: motorcycle accidents often occur because the other driver fails to inspect their side view mirrors before making a left or right turn leading to a side swipe. Side swipes are especially dangerous as riders are often flung in the air from their bikes.  
  • Intersectionsintersections pose an especially dangerous risk to motorcyclists as they are often congested. In fact, intersections are one of the highest risk areas where Motorcycle Accidents tend to happen.  
  • Canyon Motorcycle Accident: while freeways are the smoothest roads for motorcyclists to ride on, canyon are the exact opposite. Canyons are filled with protruding rocks that can cause devastating Motorcycle Accidents.
  • Lane Splitting: lane splitting is legal in California, however, that does not mean lane splitting is not dangerous. When a rider lane splits, they are often in the blind spot of other vehicles leading to catastrophic injuries.
  • Speedinghigh speed motorcycle riding can lead to catastrophic injuries as riders do not have sufficient time to brake causing the rider to flip over.  

6 Ways to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Wear a Helmet: this is by the most important and easiest way to prevent a Motorcycle Accident Injury. By wearing a helmet, you lower the risk of a traumatic brain injury and lacerations to the face. 
  2. Wear a Specially Designed Jacket: usually made of leather, nylon, or Kevlar, a specially designed, Department of Transportation approved jacket lowers the risk of injury to the skin as the jackets are designed to take a beating. 
  3. Being Aware of Your Surrounding: this is a simple and cheap way to prevent Motorcycle Accidents. The more you aware of the other cars on the road, the more you can identify careless drivers, lowering the risk of an accident. 
  4. Wear Bright Colors: by wearing bright colors, you give other drivers on the road notice of your presence. In effect this alerts all of the other drivers on the road that a rider is near and that they should stay attentive. 
  5. Avoid Bad Weather: bad weather such as rain, snow, or sleet makes it more difficult to control your Motorcycle in the event that you need to make a turn. Avoiding bad weather lowers the risk of collision between other vehicles on the road. 
  6. Do Not Drink and Ride: this should be a no brainer, but drinking alcohol and riding your motorcycle exponentially increases the chances of getting into accident.  

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