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 In many ways Uber and Lyft has transformed the world we live in. No longer do people have to stay in the middle of street to flag down a taxi, now they can simply press a button on their phone and next thing you know a person is waiting in a car right in front of their face. Surprisingly, drunk driving rates are down and more people are getting to their destination then ever before. But that does not mean that accident rates are down; in fact, the exact opposite is true – more and more accidents are getting reported every day in Los Angeles 

How Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Covered In The Event Of An Accident?

In order to determine what type of coverage is afforded to Uber and Lyft drivers in the event of an accident, it is important to identify what point of the trip the accident occurred during. In any event, the Uber and or Lyft drivers are required to have their own insurance coverage; however, Uber and Lyft provide extra coverage in the event of an accident. If the accident occurred while: 

APP IS ON AND DRIVER IS WAITING FOR A REQUEST: in this situation, the Uber and or Lyft driver has not accepted a rider just yet but the app is on and they are waiting for a request. Under these circumstances, the Uber and or Lyft driver is afforded with coverage of $50,000 per person or $100,000 per accident for bodily injury. Also the Uber and or Lyft driver is afforded with $25,000 per accident for property damage 

RIDE REQUEST IS ACCEPTED OR DURING AN ACTUAL TRIP: in this situation, the Uber and or Lyft driver accepted the ride or has a passenger in the car on the way to drop him or her off to her destination. The Uber and Lyft driver is afforded with minimum $1,000,000 worth of coverage. It is safe to say that you are protected in the event of an accident.  

APP IS OFF AND YOU HAVE NOT STARTED DRIVING FOR UBER OR LYFT: in this situation, you have not started working for Uber and or Lyft and the app is likely off. In this example, your own insurance coverage is in effect and Uber or Lyft has no requirement to cover you.  

How Are Uber And Lyft Passengers Covered In The Event Of An Accident?

As a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, you are considered a passenger in a common carrier. There are a couple different situations you may find yourself when involved in an Uber or Lyft accident. 

UBER OR LYFT DRIVER IS AT FAULT: in this situation, you are afforded with at least $1,000,000 in coverage for your medical bills and pain and suffering.  

THIRD PARTY IS AT FAULT: in this situation, the third party was the cause of the accident. You must first exhaust the insurance coverage of the third party and once that is all exhausted, then Uber and Lyft’s $1,000,000 coverage is there as a backup for your medical bills and pain and suffering.  

Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Get Into More Accidents Than Regular Drivers?

At first glance it seems that Uber and Lyft drivers are no more prone to getting into accidents than any other driver on the road. However, this may not be the case as the tactics and strategies Uber and Lyft employs to gain more business may put passengers at higher risks. In a compelling NY Times article, it was shown that Uber employs certain business practices to keep drivers on the road. For example, Uber deliberately sets earnings goals and repeatedly reminds the driver’s that they are ever so close to hitting these targets even though they’ve been on the road for hours at a time. Just like how Netflix has algorithms to get you to binge watch your favorite show, Uber and Lyft have similar algorithms to keep drivers driving, even if that means people are at risk for higher rates of Car Accidents.  

What does this mean for the passenger? It means that both passengers and Uber/Lyft drivers are at increased risk of car accidents because drivers get tired, groggy, and inattentive. Uber and Lyft Drivers are humans and humans need the rest so they can drive properly. The Uber Lyft accident attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group are aware of this and we use this knowledge to our advantage in our negotiations. Contact us for more information.  

Why Choose Miracle Mile Law Group When You Are Involved In An Uber or Lyft Accident?

The Uber Lyft accident attorney at Miracle Mile Law Group started a career in law for one reason: to make a change in someone’s life—one person at a time, one case at a time. While we know we cannot go back and undo the consequences of an Uber and Lyft accident, we do know that compensation and proper medical treatment can make a difference.  

 Do not let the fancy advertisements that Uber and Lyft run on television or the free coupons they give you to gain your business fool you. Uber and Lyft is determined to lower your recovery in the event of an accident. The insurance company that represents Uber and Lyft are dedicated to screwing you at any cost. Whether it is outright denying liability for the accident or downgrading the value of your case, they are skilled at prolonging your case. 

 Here at Miracle Mile Law Group we are completely aware of Uber and Lyft’s tricks to terrorize the value of your case. Let us make a difference for you and call us at (888) 244-0706 to get a free consultation. Remember, we do take any fees unless WE WIN your case!