My Job is Ignoring My Requests for Accommodations

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My Job is Ignoring My Requests for Accommodations – Top Discrimination Lawyers

There are many state and federal laws, such as the American with Disabilities act (ADA), that prohibit discrimination against employees or job applicants due to their disability and protect employees from having their requests ignored. A disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity and includes people who have a history of such an impairment, even if they do not currently have a disability. Additionally, there are multiple laws that protect individuals from discriminations based on their pregnancy, like the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). In general, the FEHA protects employees from discrimination based on a protected activity or characteristic, like gender or religion. If your requests for accommodations is ignored, this is considered illegal discrimination. Dont leave yourself asking why “My Job is Ignoring My Requests for Accommodations”

Not only does the ADA prohibit discrimination because of a disability, it also requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations if requested by an employee so that they can perform their job. A request for accommodations could be due to an individual’s disability, religion, or if they are pregnant. When an employee puts in a request for accommodations, their employer is required by law to reply and cannot be ignored. The response to a request for accommodations could come in the form of supplying what was specified in the request or providing a similar accommodation that is determined through an interactive process involving both the employee and employer. Despite this requirement by law, some employers fail to provide reasonable accommodations and/or ignore requests for accommodations. If you are experiencing disability discrimination in your workplace and your employer is ignoring your requests for accommodations, read below to see how Miracle Mile Law Group can help you.

What is an example of illegal discrimination?

 Under the ADA, employers cannot:

  • Refuse to provide reasonable accommodations to an employee who is disabled, pregnant, or requests accommodations for religious reasons
  • Ignore a request for reasonable accommodations from any employee who is entitled to accommodations
  • Consider an individual’s disability, pregnancy, or religion when it comes to hiring and termination
  • Consider an employee’s disability, pregnancy, or religion when it comes to a promotion or compensation

However, you must be considered a “qualified individual” to file a case for disability discrimination if your requests for accommodations are ignored. This means that the employee must be capable of performing the essential duties of a position. In other words, the disability, religion, or pregnancy of the individual must in some way impact their capacity to perform but does not entirely inhibit them from being fit for the job if they request and are provided a reasonable accommodation.

Additionally, you cannot be discriminated against in the workplace due to protected activities or characteristics. Examples of some of these activities are:

  • Reporting discrimination in your workplace
  • Taking maternity leave for a pregnancy
  • Taking family leave protected through FMLA or CFRA to care for a family member’s medical condition
  • Taking sick leave
  • Reporting fraud

Reasonable Accommodations

You must document your request for reasonable accommodations in writing to your employer, ideally through a written letter or email so that there is a paper trail. This begins the interactive process of determining whether you can perform your job if given accommodations. However, if your employer ignores your request for a reasonable accommodation, document your original request as well as your employer’s inadequate response. It’s also important to understand that it’s not required by law that all requests for accommodations be granted. If you request accommodations for disabilities, pregnancy, or religious reasons, the law stipulates that the request for accommodations cannot be one that forces the employer or business to suspend its functions or profits. If your request for accommodations is ignored, it is important to understand whether your requests are considered “reasonable” under the law.

If Your Request for Accommodations is Ignored, Talk to a Disability Discrimination Lawyer Today.

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