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What is Employment Discrimination?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines discrimination as unequal treatment of an individual because of the individual’s group, class, or category rather than on its merit.

An individual can face two types of discrimination: indirect discrimination/disparate impact and direct discrimination/disparate treatment. Indirect discrimination/disparate impact occurs when a policy that applies to all individuals negatively impacts a group of individuals who share a protected characteristic. Direct discrimination/disparate treatment occurs when an individual actively mistreats another individual because of its protected characteristic.

How Do I Know If Am Being Exposed to Discrimination in the Workplace?

Discrimination can occur in many places in society, yet with regards to employment law, the following information pertains to the working environment. Many individuals can be involved: Private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies, labor organizations, and labor-management committees. Additionally, individuals can face discrimination in various ways. The list below demonstrates several examples of discrimination an individual can face.

  1. Exclusion of potential employees during recruitment based on protected characteristics.
  2. Unequal pay or opportunities to benefits based on protected characteristics.
  3. Discrimination when assigning disability leave.
  4. Denial of reinstatement, promotion, or use of facilities based on protected characteristics, such as age, race, disability, or sex.

Gather your personnel file to help prove your case

Employees in California are entitled to any documents they signed in the course of their employment. This includes:

  1. Personnel file
  2. Employment contract
  3. The company’s handbook
  4. Business policies
  5. Performance evaluations
  6. W2s and Pay stubs
  7. A termination, while not required, is producible if you were given the document.

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