Healthcare Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Healthcare Wrongful Termination is rampant in many different industries. However, it seems that the healthcare industry is more heavily affected. This is due to the sheer number of employees and the nature of the work.

Just like in any business, the healthcare provider that you work for cannot fire you because of the following protected characteristics:

If your healthcare employer decides to fire you, demote you, lowers your pay, or humiliates you because of any of the above, you may have a discrimination case against the employer. Talk to a healthcare wrongful termination lawyer today to review your rights!

Healthcare Whistleblower Wrongful Termination

  • Healthcare Discrimination suits are not an uncommon occurrence. The most typical employment cases against healthcare employers are due to whistleblowing. Usually a whistleblower is retaliated or wrongfully terminated. Employees in healthcare are placed with the utmost responsibility by taking care of patients. These employees also are tasked with care of financials with insurance companies. They also make sure that facilities are clean and safe.There are multiple ways that an employer can be found liable for retaliating against an employee for reporting unlawful activity. First is section 1102.5 of the California Labor Code. Also section 1278.5 of the Health and Safety Code also protects healthcare employees who witness unlawful activity at work. Health and Safety Code section 1278.5(a) states:“(a) The Legislature finds and declares that it is the public policy of the State of California to encourage patients, health care workers […] to notify government entities of suspected unsafe patient care and conditions. The Legislature encourages this reporting in order to protect patients and in order to assist those accreditation and government entities charged with ensuring that health care is safe. The Legislature finds and declares that whistleblower protections apply primarily to issues relating to the care, services, and conditions of a facility and are not intended to conflict with existing provisions in state and federal law relating to employee and employer relations.”

    In essence, 1278.5 of the Health and Safety Code of California provides protections to healthcare employees who:

    • Presented a grievance, complaint, or report to the facility, to an entity relating to healthcare safety or a violation of some codes
    • Has initiated, participated, or cooperated in an investigation or administrative proceeding related to the quality of care, services, or conditions at the facility.

Some Questions You Are Probably Asking Yourself

  • Will I be able to sue my healthcare employer for firing me because of my race?
  • Can my healthcare employer fire me because I reported them to the police?
  • When is a termination by my healthcare employer illegal?
  • If I had to take care of my sick parents, can the hospital where I work fire me because of that?
  • I found OSHA violations at the hospital I work at and I told them about it, can I be fired?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, immediately contact a wrongful termination attorney. You may have a case for multiple claims. The lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group can be found at (888) 244-0706 for a free consultation and zero fee guarantee.

“At-Will” Employment Is No Excuse

Often times an employer will state that because you are in an “at-will” employment State, then they can fire you at any time. While this means that your employer can fire you for ALMOST any reason, they cannot fire you for ANY reason.

Employers will try to mask their despicable behavior under the cloud of the “at-will” doctrine. However, this argument does not stand in a court of law. Firing a hardworking employee for an illegal reason is still wrongful. This occurs when an employer goes ahead and terminates an employee because of a protected characteristic (such as raceagedisabilitysexual orientationpregnancy, or religion). This also occurs when the firing is due to protected activity (such as reporting the employer for something illegal that was done).

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