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The the first amendment of the United States Constitution provides that individuals have the freedom to choose and practice their religion without discrimination. These protections extend to the workplace, as employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of religion. Employers also have an affirmative duty to provide reasonable accommodations for employee's religious beliefs or observances. You are probably asking yourself if you can sue your employer for religious discrimination.

What is Religious Discrimination in the Workplace?

Religious discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee unfavorably due to his or her religious beliefs. The Fair Employment and Housing Association (FEHA) protects not only people who believe in traditional religions such as Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, but also those who have sincere beliefs in religions not listed.

Common Forms of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religious discrimination manifests itself in numerous different ways. However, the law forbids your employer from discriminating against you on the basis of religions in the following forms:

  • Hiring: an employer cannot refuse to hire a prospective employee based on his or her actual or perceived religion
  • Firing: an employer cannot fire an employee based on his or her religion
  • Pay: an employer cannot give demote an employee's pay based on his or her religion
  • Job Assignments: an employer cannot subject an employee to 
  • Demotions: an employer cannot demote an employee - either in pay, position, or assignments -  just based on his or her religion
  • Promotions: an employer cannot exclude an employee from promotion considerations just based on his or her religion
  • Training: an employee cannot be excluded from training opportunities based on his or her religion
  • Benefits: an employee cannot be denied benefits based on his or her religion
  • Harassment based on religion: an employer cannot create a hostile work environment or participate in any other forms or harassment (such as retaliation) based on an employee's religion. 
  • Any other term or condition of employment

Religious Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodations

Under the Equal Employment and Opportunities Commission's (EEOC) guidelines, a private business employer with 15 or more employees who worked for the employer for at least twenty calendar weeks in the year must provide reasonable accommodations to an employee so that they me able to practice their religious beliefs. This means that unless providing the accommodation would cause more than a minimal burden on the employer, they must provide reasonable adjustments to the employees work religious freedom is upheld. Some examples of reasonable accommodations for religious belief include:

  • Allowing an employee to bypass certain dress requirements so that he or she may observe religious dress codes: this includes allowing the use or religious headscarfs (hijabs), skullcaps (yarmulke), or allowing employees to refrain from wearing short skirts
  • Alterations to work schedules so that an employee can attend religious ceremonies, gathering, or similar
  • Allowing an employee to be excused from meetings where certain religious invocations occur
  • An employee needs a break from his or her work schedule to pray
  • An employee needs a day off from work to observe certain religious holidays, such as Sabbath

California's Fair Employment and Housing Association (FEHA) is similar to the EEOC in upholding religious freedom, however, the requirements apply to employer's with 5 or more employees. 


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