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Disney is one of the largest employers in the California. Walt Disney Company is generally known as a place for fun, but not for employees who are discriminated against by the hands of Disney management. Our Disney wrongful termination attorney has experience handling claims that involve discrimination based on age, race, disabilitypregnancy, blowing the whistle, religion, and other protected characteristics.

How Does Wrongful Termination Occur in the Workplace?

Wrongful termination does not come in a one size-fits-all, but after many years, our attorneys see many common practices by employers who discriminate against employees. The most usual forms of wrongful termination include:

  • The employee is terminated in retaliation for being harassed (sexually or other basis) and/or complaining of discrimination
  • Your employer breached an express or implied-in-fact contract
  • Because you reported unlawful company behavior or ethical violations to police or any other g or to someone within the company
  • Your termination was based on a protected characteristic or activity
  • You reported your employer to the Labor Board for unlawful wage and overtime policies
  • You resigned – however, you can sue if you resigned only if a reasonable person in your situation had no choice but to quit because of the hostile work environment.

How do I protect myself if I feel like I am being wrongfully terminated?

Getting fired in today’s day and age is not easy. It can take months or years to recover from the reputational damage, lost wages, and the emotional distress that usually ensues. However, there are steps you can proactively take to ensure that your rights are protected. They include:

  • Keeping your own diary about the discrimination that occurred, including dates and witnesses present and what was said
  • Keeping copies of important emails because you will likely get booted off the server once you are terminated
  • Contact a skilled Disney wrongful termination attorney to learn more about your workplace rights
  • Make sure you are being cooperative and respectful to your employer, even when they are treating you poorly
  • Listen to your attorney’s advice to have a better probability of at winning

Most importantly, you should retain an experienced employment attorney who can assist you in the problematical nuances of employment law. At Miracle Mile Law Group, we fight relentlessly to uphold and defend your workplace rights, and our knowledge in wrongful termination laws will be beneficial to you. We will help you file a claim against Disney and fight on your behalf.

What type of damages can a Disney wrongful termination attorney receive on my behalf?

Disney wrongful termination lawsuits can be daunting for those who go through it. Disney wrongful termination cases can average out in the hundreds of thousands, as other employees have recovered in the past for their cases. Our group of lawyers will attempt to get you the following types of recoveries:

  • Past due back pay, missing benefits, lost commissions and added bonuses, future pay
  • However unlikely, Reinstatement to your old position
  • Pain and suffering compensation for mental agony, hopelessness, anxiety, restless nights, chest pains, and other emotional distress damages
  • Punitive damages, which seek to punish particularly egregious behavior by employers who act with reckless disregard for the law.

Let our attorneys fight to get you the most for your case, either by settlement or jury verdict, for your case. A Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney for Disney employees will be able to help you file your claim with the appropriate organizations, so rest assured you are in safe hands.

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